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BLACKBERRY Outage Blackberry Messenger Outage BBM. A reported national Blackberry outage today December 22 is heating up Twitter. BBM and the Blackberry national outage today is trending on twitter with recent tweets including the following within the last 30 minutes (6:00 PM PST):

Blackberry outage is on a wide scale, and the only trending topic on Twitter is BBM… blackberry messenger much?

is there another bb outage? my bbm or internet is not working….and neither is alot of my friends

Users report outages on T Mobile and Sprint.

[angry] that TMobile only told me that there was a “global outage” with bbm after i called… shouldn’t we get notifications for this?

called sprint its a 24hr outage on blackberrys…..i need my bbm!

Others are taking amusement in how some people feel their social “life” is now in jeopardy until the outage is corrected.

Blackberry outage is still driving me crazy, but watching people freak out on the crackberry forums is amusing.

Stop fronting like you not sick over this #BBM outage too.

My social life is on hold. No BBM or Twitter from my BB.

Others have some insight about the ETA:

no they are having an outage thats affecting 50% of all bb users you cant use your browser or bbm and they have no clue when it will

Data Outage:From our sources, RIM says the problem wll be fixed within a couple hours to a day max.

Blackberry Data is down…Facebook, UberTwitter, Internet, Email & BBM is not working due to Nationwide outage

Source: http://news.lalate.com/

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