VIDEO: Robby Pardio and Claudette Ortiz Break-Up

>> Tuesday

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Robby Pardio and Claudette Ortiz Break-Up. Viewers of the A&E show Intervention shocked to see the life behind of the City High, an R&B group famous for their 2001 hits “What Would You Do?” and “Caramel”. The City High Intervention episode talked about the life of Robby Pardio, who was getting addicted to alcoholism.

Robby Pardio felt depressed after his fellow City High member Claudette Ortiz broke up with him and went on to marry another City High member, Ryan Toby. The break-up Robby Pardio and Claudette Ortiz sent the Pardio over the edge.

The show showed Robby Pardio drinking vodka before being confronted by his family. His family fears on his undeniable addiction to alcoholic drinking that he may end up dead.

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