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PHOTO HIGH DEFINITIONS DIGITAL TV 3D Revolution Hits Home PictureHIGH DEFINITIONS DIGITAL TV 3D Revolution Hits Home.The race to bring 3D TV to Australia is on, with Sony yesterday demonstrating two models it plans to have on sale by July, just days after Panasonic unveiled its 3D rival.

But Samsung is likely to have the first 3D TV on sale in Australia in April. The company expects to release 3D LCD, LED and plasma sets by midyear, which is also when Panasonic expects to have models in store. It is believed they will cost the same as upper-range high-definition digital TVs.

Sony yesterday demonstrated two 3D models in Sydney. The top-of-the-range LX 900 Bravia features an integrated 3D sensor. The next-tier HX 800 and 900 models are what the company calls "3D ready", meaning they will display 3D with an add-on piece of hardware, at an additional cost.

Both work with glasses featuring electronic shutters to generate the effect of depth. It is estimated that glasses will cost between $200 and $400 a pair, though the LX 900 will come with two pairs.

The Panasonic Viera plasma TV demonstrated last week uses similar glasses, as will Samsung's range. All 3D TVs will also be able to be watched in 2D. Take-up of the technology could be hampered by a lack of content. TV programs are not produced in 3D and there have been few movies in the format, though that is changing with the success of Avatar. However, computer gaming is likely to be a significant driver of sales.


High Definition Digital TV 3D Revolution Hits Home

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